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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Live in Davao

I have written the reasons for leaving America for Davao City in the Philippines, but I have not written why.

Besides the obvious, I have no job and my fiancĂ©e lives there, why move to a “3rd world country”?

Well, yes, you can live comfortable on a lot less then in America, but there are other advantages.
The fist advantage for me is Elena’s family. Currently she has 3 nieces living with her while they attend Nursing School. The girls have an older brother that lives in Davao City too. They are originally from Bislig, which is a small city. Davao is a big City and has some of the best colleges and universities on Mindanao.

While Elena’s mom was alive, the family would come to Davao for their university schooling and live with her. Since Elena had moved in with her mom when she got a job in Davao, now that Mom is gone, Elena is there to take care of and watch over the girls.

Over the 3 years I have known Elena, and my 3 trips there, I am already known as Uncle Bruce. All of Elena’s family have accepted me and love me as much as I love all of them.

Back to the whys.
The Philippine mentality is more family and neighbor orientated then America. In America we have been driven to work hard, earn money to have all our “stuff” and our “stuff” has to be bigger, better and more expensive then everyone elses “stuff”.

In the Philippines, people are happy with a nice home, and loving family to spend time with. They are not always running out to go to clubs or buying the latest fashions just to keep up with the "Jones'"

In the Philippines, from what I have experienced, is so different. Elena’s family has excepted me as family. When her nieces and nephews heard I lost my job, was moving there, but will not be the “Rich American” they have already told Elena and me “not to worry, we will take care of you”

I hope never to need their assistance, but it is wonderful how they have promised to send us money each month to help support us.

Elena has already told me, even if she stays home, I need to go out to restaurants to get foods I am used to, at least once a week. I have told her we both will go only if we can afford it. We are a Team and share the good and the bad together.

One cute story to show how they think about me there. Elena was telling the girls how I want chores to do to keep me active while living there. The youngest said to Elena “what does Uncle Bruce plan to do, sweep the house each day?” Elena said “yes” and her niece responded “no, that is our job. Uncle is to just relax as the king of the house.”

So, you see, I might not be living in the luxury as I am used to in America, but I will be living a better life of love and caring.

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