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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Davao is Getting Closer

I am so excited, but tired too. Today I took all my boxes to the shipping warehouse. They charge by volume, not weight. Well it is amazing how many things you want to keep.

When I thought Elena would be moving to Florida, there were things I wanted for her and some things she wanted to make cooking easier.

So, here I was, looking at all these new kitchen things, never used. I decided I might as well ship them there. Immersion Blender, new set of pots and pans, a flatware set and a rotisserie. She told me about a "Turbo" she uses there to cook chickens. I thought it was their name for a rotisserie so I bought her one of Ron Popiels "Showtime" units.

Then there is books that I had not read yet, lots of towels and bedsheets that make great filler and packing materials. And so many items that I wanted to help remember home, such as photo albums, pictures in frames and figurines and knick knacks.

Well I first thought I would have about 5-10 medium boxes. And it ended up being 17 boxes at 1.4 Cu Meter.

I hope there will be still room in Elena’s House for me too.

I also ordered my plane tickets. Unfortunately I am flying there on a tourist visa so I must show a round trip tickets. The US will not let you leave and the Philippine immigration will not let you stay without proof you can return home without being a burden on either countries.

I also have an appointment Monday at the Philippine Consulate on Monday to get a 1 year visa.

Once I am there, Elena and I will marry and then I can apply for a resident visa.

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