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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Another Day Waiting for my Trip

It is now Saturday afternoon and I have most of things ready for my trip. All my bags backed. Closets checked, and nothing much else to do. I even went to my hair cutter Isabel for my last American haircut. After using Isabel for a few years, saying goodbye was tough. She always knew how to cut my hair and always had a smile on her face for me. My mom who had used Beauty Parlors all her adult life now has Isabel doing her hair. He fee is less then the Beauty Parlors and does a great job. Mom is so happy she is telling all her friends. One male friend is using Isabel now too.

Sure I want to do one more load of laundry to have less dirty clothes to pack, but I will do that tomorrow.

I have emptied the refrigerator, the cabinets and the dresser draws. Giving all decent items to charity and thrown away the rest.

So now it is long days, looking on the net and watching TV.

All left is to put the final clothes. toiletries and my special pillow and get to the airport.

Then it is about 1 1/2 days on planes and waiting in airports until I am again in Elena's arms, eating rice at every meal and listening of the motorcycle engines of all the muliticabs and dogs barking.

Well, I know this is not much to read about, but it is something.

Once I am in Davao I will tell about my trip and then continue my journal of "American in Davao"

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