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Monday, December 24, 2007

Paridise Island on Samal

Last week friends of ours, Louis and Venice invited me, Elena and family to join them for a day trip to Paradise Island on Samal Island.

Samal Island is actually called The Island Garden City of Samal. It is just a short boat ride from Davao.

On Samal there are many resorts; one of the most famous is the Pearl Farms resort. We were just going to Paradise Island.

Even though Paradise Island has cottages for rent, we were just making a day trip.
We arrived early at the Paradise Island Pier. Once Louis and family arrived we walked to the beach where the boats come in.

The boats are nice and seat only 20 people. They have outriggers for safety and reminded me of the Polynesian boats seen in all the old movies. The boats pull in to the beach and they drop a gang plank from the front.

The boat ride is only 12 pesos (29 cents US). The ride is only about 15 minutes. Once we reached the resort, we paid our fee, 80 pesos per person (1.93 US) and then found a table.

There is a long covered area along the beachfront with tables and chairs. There are places to buy food but both families brought food to share. We purchased beverages there since they charge a corkage fee. That is they charge you for beverages brought.
For cooking they have grills available too.

Once seated and organized we preceded to eat an early lunch. After lunch the younger members of our group went swimming. The tide was low so they had to walk out to reach deep enough water to wade and swim.

I joined Louis, his father-in-law and nephew to show my lack of billiards skills, but it was fun.
We brought my backgammon set and playing cards so we spent the afternoon playing. Louis taught me a Filipino game similar to 500 rummy.

Later on Louis, Venice, Elena and I took a walk to their small bird sanctuary and zoo. Then the girls used the seesaw and swings. By the time we got back it was time to pack up and take the boat back to Davao. The last boat leaves at 5pm.

I thank Louis for inviting us to a nice day of relaxation, fun and companionship.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce, Im Leon, Currently Living in USA (Milwaukee, WI) my soon to be wife is here with me. She is from Digos City, not to far from Davao. Our plan is to move to Digos in 5 years or so. Hope we can keep in touch and meet when we visit there in the up coming months. I applaud you for following your heart and taking an adventure to move to Davao. i cant wait myself to finally move to Digos City, I LOVE the simple living. my current E-Mail address is :
Sincerely, Leon

brspiritus said...

It's always nice to take a trip out to Samal. My wife might smack you for posting the see-saw pic though hahahaha.