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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Restaurants in Davao

There are many places to eat in Davao, from the small Carenderia to the more upscale restaurants that have a more international type cuisine.

Because of watching our spending, we try to stay away from the more expensive restaurants but we still eat out at times and still can find a good meal.

I am from New York and as most have heard, New York has a style of pizza that is famous. I know people from Chicago will say their Deep Dish pizza is the best, and for them it might be.

When I first moved to California I hated the pizza. After my 18 years living there I learned to tolerate it and had to resort to Dominos Pizza for something close to New York style.

Well I feel embarrassed, I have found I enjoy Pizza Hut here in Davao. I tried Greenwich, which I probably will never eat at again and we did go to Piccabello’s in Gaisano South Mall which tasted like New York pizza except their crust was so thin you could use it for an Air Mail letter and not have to worry about an extra weight fee.

I have been told Yellow Taxi pizza is good, but have not had a chance to eat it here in Davao. We did have it in Manila and it was the worse pizza I have ever eaten.

Usually on Sundays before our food shopping we have lunch at the mall. One place we eat at is Mandarin. It is a chain or franchise. They have a good Wonton soup and also have Dim Sum and something here called Rice Toppings. Rice Toppings is a bowk of rice, either plain white rice or fried rice topped with an item of your choice. They have beef brisket, Adobo, Asada, Chicken Curry and many others. They have some good deserts, one we like is Fruit over custard.

There is always McDonald’s, KFC, Kenny Rogers and Jollibee.

I remember Kenny Rogers in America and understood why they closed up, they were not too good there but here they have good roasted chicken and decent lunch meals. Their service us usually very good.

There is a Resturant and Bakery called Euro Bakery. I enjoy their meal plates but have learned to stay away from most restaurant sandwiches. Here a sandwich is one slice of meat, one slice of cheese on a thick roll. I am more used to more meat and cheese and less bread.

Yesterday we had a coupon for a restaurant Gerry’s. We went and enjoyed our meal except I felt that the waitress was rude. Most Filipinos, no matter how good or weak their English is, will try to talk a little to me. Our waitress did not say any English. If I asked a question, she would turn to Elena and answer it in Bisaya. She never needed a translation of what I asked, just would not answer to me.

I understand I am in the Philippines and should learn their language but so far I have not been able to learn, but then again, most speak English to some degree and it would be nice if the waitress would have said something.

I mostly enjoy talking to Filipinos, and will tell more about that in some other article. For now just know you can enjoy meals and not spend a fortune. And can find foods you can enjoy, no matter where you are from.


ArnieTed Padova said...

Picobello we love the best.

Bruce said...

Ted and Arnie,
as I said in the article I liked the taste at Picobello but prefer a pizza crust thicker then paper thin. There Calzone was good but not enough fillings as I was used too. Maybe some day us 4 go and enjoy their other items.

YT said...

Try the lugaw and tokwa't baboy at Davao Dencia's Restaurant and their fresh lumpia.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the comment, where is Dencia's Resturant located, I am not sure I know of it.

Keep reading and commenting.

Rem said...

Hello Bruce,
My name if Rem Brito, and my family owns Davao Dencia's Restaurant, which is located on General Luna Street, beside GAISANO Mall. I live in Jersey City, you mentioned that you live in the NYC area. My email address is Thank you "YT" for recommending our restaurant.

Bruce said...


Thanks for reading my blog and comenting.
I only replied to anothers comment.
If you offer me dinner or lunch there, I will write about it. Just kidding.
Please continue reading and commenting. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.