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Monday, August 25, 2008

Kadayawan Festival 2008

Every year in Davao is the Kadayawan Festival. KADAYAWAN is a festival of thanksgiving for bountiful harvest and tribute to its colorful tribes in Exotic Mindanao. A celebration that interfaces the three aspects; tribal, industrial arts and entertainment. The festivities will be highlighted by the floral float, street-dancing competitions and exhibits showcasing the island’s tourism products and services. (

Its name derives from the friendly greeting "Madayaw", from the Dabawenyo word "dayaw", meaning good, valuable, superior or beautiful.

The festival began from a government-initiated program called “Unlad Proyekto Davao” in 1986, planned to unite the DavaoeƱos after the chaotic martial law years and to showcase the city as a peaceful and colorful place to visit and do business in. At the time, it was called “Apo Duwaling”, a name created from the icons Davao was famous for: Mt. Apo, the country's highest peak; durian, the king of fruits; and waling-waling. The queen of orchids. Davao is also home of the majestic Philippine eagle, the national bird. In 1988, the festival was renamed “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to celebrate the city's unique wealth in flowers, fruits, and ethnic culture. (
The festival runs about a week and showcases the Lumad (native tribal people) and there are displays and presentations of their culture, native dancing and crafts.

There is so many other activities, concerts, shows, displays and sales at the malls. The festivities ends with 2 days of parades. On Saturday it is Street Dance teams in native outfits and on Sunday a parade of floral floats. Thanks to my friend Louis Tomasi for the photos of the saturday Street Dancing Parade.

I really wanted to go, but the heat and humidity scared me off. But today, Sunday afternoon we went to SM Mall, one of the local malls where some of the floats were on display. Some of the floats were large and elaborate and some were small and more simple. But all of them showed the pride and effort to make a wonderful and beautiful float and I am sure everyone at the parade nd the display enjoyed seeing the wonders.

After we went to Gasiano Mall, where we do our marketing. I did not know there was a concert with 3 famous celebrities. The parking structure was full and I ended up sitting in the car in an isle and waited 15 minutes for someone to vacate a spot. I let Elena go start shopping and I was to meet her.

Once in the mall on 3rd floor, there were so many people standing at the rail looking down to first level where there is a stage. From the escalator, I saw the entire first floor filled solid with people with no room to move or pass through. The good part was the Market was relitivily empty.


David B Katague said...

I enjoyed your description and pictures of the Kadawayan Festival. It reminds me of our Moriones Festival here in Marinduque during Easter Week. Daily parades, fair and exhibits as well as street dancing and lots of good filipino food. Good Day

Bruce said...

Thanks for visiting and yor comment. Too bad it was so hot, I would have liked to see both parades especially the street dancers. Maybe next year.
Please continue to visit my blog and keep commenting. Also let others know about my blog. I would like to enlarge my readership and through comments find more things to write about per comments and requests.

mia said...

Wow those floats are so beautiful, I can totally picture them in the rose parade! That's one thing you'll never see in Manila (unless you count the floats during the Metro Manila Film Fest... hehehe).

one recommendation to increase your readership is to make sure you leave substantial comments on the blogs you visit yourself. I've seen some who just leave useless comments like "nice post" or "great post" and blog owners tend to see those as just comment spamming.

good luck bruce!

Bruce said...

Thanks for the comment and advice. I do comment when I have something to comment on. I do not, as you mentioned, leave a short comment just to see my name.